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#1 – A Tile Floor Can Be a Great Investment!

Posted by Jay On February 5th

Are you ready to replace your current flooring? Have you considered a tile floor?

Tile Floor

This is the first installment of
9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tile Flooring
which can also be downloaded as a free eBook at

The first step is deciding on the type of flooring you want. The second step is narrowing it down to the exact flooring that is right for you, but this can be a lengthy process. Carpet vs tile, performance, installation, maintenance – it’s not always easy to find all the answers.

If you haven’t considered a tile floor as an option, you should. Tile flooring has a timeless appeal, durability, easy maintenance, and versatility. That’s just the beginning. Today, there are so many choices to consider with a tile floor: types, styles and colors.

Download our new FREE eBook: 9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tile Flooring. Learn about tile floor performance, and how it stacks up against carpet. Our eBook discusses the “Pros & Cons of tile floors”, as well as the value. Your choices of tile are unlimited. The eBook reviews which ones are best suited to meet your needs: ceramic, porcelain, stone, VCT (vinyl composition tile), or LVT (luxury vinyl tile).

When you are looking for a tile flooring that captures the look of wood, stone or metal with a wide selection of tiles and plank sizes to choose from, look no further than LVT. Today the vinyl tile category continues to grow as the fastest growing market segment. LVT is unbelievable and fools the eye with its realism and durability!

Installing tile is not an easy task, but it is certainly worth it. Hiring a professional who knows how to do the job correctly, can make it a pleasant experience. Our eBook reviews a list of things for you to consider when hiring a tile installer.

Tile floor maintenance is minimal, but there are a few things to consider. Our eBook reviews and answers some of the common questions.

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tile FlooringIn the next few months we’ll be blogging about each reason why you should consider tile flooring. Can’t wait that long to find out, then download our eBook today!  Interested in looking at a large selection of tile in person and having your questions answered by one of our Carpet Concepts experts? Then stop by our Cape Coral Showroom. In a hurry, contact us online or call us with your questions.

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