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This is the eleventh installment of 12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

You’ve probably seen or heard advertisements that sound too good to be true. Carpet sales that are “extreme” – such as 80% off, or similar, are smoke and mirror tricks designed to confuse customers and drum up business in an unethical way.

There are some legitimate reasons for carpets to sell at a discount. The flooring retailer may have been able to get a bulk deal on a certain brand and make of carpet, and they can pass some of those savings on to the consumer. There might be excess inventory or a customer who reneged on a deal. Likewise, there can be discontinued types or brands of carpet that will sell for less than their original price.

How do you know if a deal is too good to be true?

For starters, you should do some significant comparison shopping. Is one deal for carpet several hundreds or thousands of dollars less (depending on how much area is covered)? That can be a signal that your price isn’t being quoted correctly. Be sure that installation costs are being accounted for in the same way in both price quotes.

Another carpet scam can happen in the measuring and estimating process. Many retailers will offer free estimates and take the measurements of the square footage of carpet you’ll require. But some of them will intentionally take an incorrect measurement of your home. By telling you that you need to buy more yardage of carpet than you actually need, they are scamming you out of hundreds of dollars.12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet

These practices in the carpet industry are unfair and unethical. Please visit us at Carpet Concepts to compare any deals that you’ve found that sound too good to be true. We provide “Shop at Home” service at no charge or obligation. We can help you evaluate your discount and determine if you’ve found a good deal, or if a scammer has found you. Learn more about carpet sales by downloading our eBook, (right).

Stop in and see us! The Carpet Concepts team serves Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples and the surrounding areas. We offer all types of floor installation. Contact us online or call (239) 574-5099!


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