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Ask any real estate agent, and they’ll tell you that tile flooring significantly increases your home’s resale value.

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This is just one of the reasons that floor tile has such an allure for many homeowners in Southwest Florida. Although, like anything, there are a few cons to floor tile as well.

Here are both the pros and cons to consider when it comes to tile flooring:

The Pros of Tile Flooring

  • Timeless – The reason for this is that the beauty and allure of a quality tile flooring lasts for a very long time when it is installed and maintained properly. Much like hardwood, tile has a virtually timeless appeal, especially when earth tones are used.
  • Durability – Tile flooring can withstand water and spills with no issue. This is why tile floors are so popular in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Easy to Maintain – If the tile used has been glazed, its beauty will last for years with very little extra maintenance. In fact, other than routine sweeping and mopping, a tile floor requires very little cleaning unless something is spilled on it.
  • Safe, Low Alergens – Tile floors are non-toxic. This flooring is also excellent for those who suffer from allergies, as mold, dander, and dust is not trapped as easily as it can be in carpeting. Tile is also great for homes with pets, as accidents can easily be cleaned up. The hard surface is also easy to clean shed fur, and is capable of withstanding a cat or dog’s nails.
  • Versatility – There are a huge variety of types and styles of tile to choose from, including ceramic, porcelain, quarry, marble and many others. Just the sheer amount of color schemes alone is staggering, not to mention various shapes, textures, and sizes. This allows you to easily find a flooring solution that meets your style, design needs, and budget.

The Cons of Tile Flooring

Although this is a popular choice in many Southwest Florida homes, tile flooring is not for everyone. It also has its own share of drawbacks.

  • Walking Comfort – Tile offers a hard walking surface, if you do not use area rugs. Also, when the weather gets chilly, it can be a colder surface to walk on as well.
  • Installation – Tile floors are one of the more difficult flooring surfaces to install. Special saws are needed to cut the tile, and the installation process can be arduous. Also, once the mortar starts to dry, it is very unforgiving. It takes a skilled hand to make a tile floor look its best, so a professional installer is recommended.
  • Acoustics – Unlike carpet flooring, tile does nothing to soften the sound in a room. It has no insulation properties and therefore can cause a bit of an echo effect in spacious rooms. This problem can be solved by strategic placement of area rugs and runners, and is also helped by furniture.
  • Slippery – While glazed tiles are easy to maintain, they can also prove to be slippery if they happen to get wet. However, this is seldom a problem with most current tiling. New innovations have produced an anti-slip surface to help reduce this problem. Just don’t go running through the house at full speed in your socks, and you should be fine.
  • Cracks or Chips – Although tiles are durable to heavy foot traffic, they can be chipped or cracked if something heavy is dropped on them. These tiles can be repaired by a professional, and a tile replacement is much easier than replacing an entire room of carpet.

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