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After narrowing down your choices between engineered or solid hardwoods, you’ll find that there are still many questions to ask.

Hardwood Flooring Durability

This is the second installment of 7 Tips on How to Select Hardwood Flooring which can also be downloaded as a free eBook at

The next decision on your list will be determining the hardness of the flooring that your family requires.

Fortunately for you, consumers are now getting better hardwood flooring durability. There are more durable products than have ever been available in the past. In fact, new finishes are so durable, that…
…you’ll probably get a lifetime of wear and tear out of the product without ever noticing scratches and dents.

For normal residential use, most hardwood floors will be perfectly acceptable. However, if you’re covering an area with a lot of foot traffic, having young (or especially clumsy) children or if you’re worried about dropping heavy objects, you’ll want to consider the relative hardness of each species of tree.

Use the Janka Hardwood Test

The Janka Hardwood Test rates each species of wood on its relative hardness. Imagine taking a hammer and driving a steel ball halfway into the plank of wood. How hard to you have to swing that hammer to dent the wood? This measurement is what the Janka Test is attempting to establish.

For example, the wood of pine and mahogany trees is not very hard (relative to other species). It’s easy to get the steel ball embedded in those woods. Maple and oak are more “middle of the road” woods; they are about average in hardness. In fact, the Red Oak is the baseline measurement for the Janka Test. On the “rough and tough” end of the scale, you’ll find a lot of Brazilian hardwoods, including the newly popular Brazilian Koa, which has dramatic colors and stripes.

The disadvantage to the Janka Hardwood Test is that it’s rating woods that are completely untreated and raw. As wood is manufactured into planks for flooring, the construction of the plank, the finishing and the quality of the installation will affect the ultimate hardwood flooring durability.

7-Tips-on-How-to-Select-Hardwood-Flooring-190Would you like to see a selection of hardwood flooring in person, stop by Carpet Concepts. I’ll be happy to show it to you and answer your questions on hardwood flooring durability, as well as any other questions you may have. Take a moment and download my FREE eBook, (right), I know you’ll find the seven tips very helpful.

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