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Selecting hardwood flooring can be overwhelming, but it is certainly worth it when it transforms the look of your home!

 Hardwood Flooring 500
Today, you have a huge variety of options when selecting the perfect hardwood floor. Engineered vs hardwood, durability, color, grains, reclaimed wood, and plank width – so many choices. Sometimes all these options can inundate you with too many decisions. Be careful…
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Are you working with a nylon or polyester carpet fiber? How well it is holding up against dirt, wear, and texture retention? Has it faded? Is it environmentally smart?

Carpet Fiber

When your carpet shows signs of wear and tear, it’s hard to know exactly what is covered under your carpet warranty. Is your carpet wear and tear excessive or normal? Is it covered or considered an exclusion? When it’s time to replace your current carpet, how do you know what carpet fiber to choose?

Carpet Warranties

At Carpet Concepts, we have always been skeptical of warranties. Every manufacturer claims…
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