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The world of ceramic tile is varied and spectacular. There are seemingly endless families of product choices and style options with ceramic tile flooring.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

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A broad range of textures, patterns and sizes are found in ceramic and porcelain tile flooring and wall products. When combined with the huge spectrum of grout and glaze options, you will find design options for any room in virtually any home style.

The goal…

is to know what is the best combination of aesthetics, style and performance is for your individual floor covering budget. The two basic types of ceramic tile are glazed or unglazed. Porcelain tile is another very sought after option, (which you can read more about in the following tip.) Once you understand the various types of tile, it will be easier to narrow down the specific style that’s best for you.

  • Glazed – These are ceramic tiles coated with glass-forming minerals and ceramic stains. They usually have a matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish. Glazed tile can offer better stain and moisture resistance than unglazed tile. They also have different finishes. For example, high gloss finishes can be more slippery and scratches can become more visible. Matte or textured finishes help with traction and scratches, and dirt is also less visible.
  • Unglazed – These ceramic tiles are very hard and dense, and come in various surface
    treatments and textures. Typically, these are installed outside your home as they do not
    offer much protection against stains compared to glazed ceramic tile. Although unglazed tiles have better slip resistance, they require sealing to help prevent staining.
  • Size – Ceramic tile is manufactured in sizes ranging from one inch to twenty-four inches square. So, make sure you bring a tape measure when you go shopping.
  • Color – One of the most popular looks in ceramic tile is the look of natural stone. In fact, some people prefer ceramic tile over stone, because of price and maintenance. Some of the most sought after looks in both ceramic and porcelain tile includes slate, travertine, and marble, as well as metals…just to name a few.

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