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3: How to Buy Quality Carpet

Posted by Jay On October 31st

Quality Carpeting

This is the third installment of 12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

It can be tricky for the average homeowner to judge a carpet’s quality. The carpet’s cost and color are probably your primary concerns, and the wide range of choices can make it hard to pin down the different levels of quality carpet.

All carpets will probably look great for the first week that they’re in your house. But…

…how do you buy a carpet that will be looking great several years down the line?

You may have tried looking at the thickness of the carpet or feeling the quality of the fibers by hand. Unfortunately, these aren’t reliable ways of judging the quality of the carpet.

A good shortcut is to choose a carpet that’s manufactured by a well-known, national brand. Some of the manufacturers that represent this level of trustworthiness are Shaw, Mohawk, and Beaulieu.

Also use fibers that are used by many popular manufacturers such as Stainmaster, Smart Strand, and Wear Dated.

Ultimately, you will need a knowledgeable flooring salesperson to help you sort out the differences in quality of the carpets you’d like to compare. Your salesperson should be able to speak to the quality of the yarn, the amount of yarn, and the construction of the carpet in question.

For instance, if there is more yarn per square yard (i.e. a heavier pile weight), the carpet will generally perform better over time. Similarly, a carpet with yarns that are more tightly twisted in bundles will prevent matting and wear.

I12 Things to Know About Buying Carpetf you are working with a salesperson who isn’t able to speak to these details, please come to our showroom at Carpet Concepts. We’ll be more than pleased to share our industry knowledge with you.

To read more about buying carpet, click the eBook on the right to download it FREE! Searching for quality carpet in Cape Coral? Let our flooring experts assist you.

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