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This is the fifth installment of 12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

Your carpet padding is as important as the carpet itself. By laying the right foundation, you’ll be assured of giving your carpet the longest possible lifespan.

A quality carpet padding or cushion will prevent pile crushing. You may have seen pile crushing in a high traffic area like common walkways or stairs. With a good pad, your carpet will maintain its pile height and look great for years.

But there are other more tangible and immediate reasons to spend extra money on better padding. For one thing…

you take thousands of steps on your carpet. A better pad will help soften your footsteps and cushion you every time you step. You will be able to feel the difference!

Carpets feel softer and thicker with a good pad. Not only will it feel better under your feet, but it will also provide better sound absorption and a way to stay warmer. In fact, a good quality pad can even keep your carpet cleaner. Yes, it’s true! Because it prevents the pile crushing, it allows more air to flow between the carpet. When you clean, your vacuum will be able to suck up more dirt because of the air flow.

A quality carpet deserves a quality pad. And even an inexpensive carpet will benefit from a quality pad – because it can make it feel so much better underfoot. There’s really no reason not to make this a focus of your investment. Even though it can’t be seen, your carpet padding will impact you every time you take a step.12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet

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