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If you’ve recently tuned in to any home and garden shows, you’ve probably seen people using reclaimed wood in their homes. Decorators are scouring New England for wood from old barns, planks from old schoolhouses and all types of old wood that can be repurposed in today’s houses.

Reclaimed Wood

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Why is there an obsession with this old world look? Homeowners want a unique, textured appearance. The exclusivity of having hundred year old wood tickles the fancy of upscale designers and decorators.

Are you worried that…

…you don’t have time to go scraping through all of New England for enough planks to outfit your entire house? Don’t worry. The popularity of this look has led several manufacturers to offer a modern day equivalent.

Wood Scraping

Wood scraping tools can be used on new planks to give them an old world, reclaimed wood appearance. This technique gives wood a one-of-a-kind, simple charm. It’s a visual reference to days gone by and the inherent beauty of handmade items.

If you like the look and feel of reclaimed wood, then hand scraped flooring products might be right for you. If the rest of your furnishings and décor reflect a time worn, handcrafted or custom style, then you might find yourself attracted to this look. Even if you don’t otherwise collect antiques, many homeowners just love the   and natural finish that you will feel underfoot with a hand scraped plank.

Also, if you’re concerned about how a floor will look when it shows wear over time, then this type of flooring will alleviate your worry. Because it’s already designed to be irregular, you can easily overlook any unintentional dents or dings. Your floor will only acquire more patina with time.

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