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Did you know that Jay, the owner of Carpet Concepts, started in the flooring business when he was 12 years old?

Flooring Business

Jay started by helping his father install carpeting on weekends and school vacations. By the time he was 16 he had his own car, a station wagon. It was great for transporting carpet. With the carpet strapped on the roof rack of his station wagon, Jay began installing carpeting on his own.

When he went off to college, he decided once he finished college he wanted to something that was not related to flooring. However, when Jay graduated from college, the job market was tight, so he went back to work with his father. In 1976, Jay started his own flooring business, Messina’s Carpet. He hired his father to do the carpet installations!

The business continued to grow and prosper. That is until 1990/91 when the recession hit and Jay sales dropped by more than 50%. A number of his customers went bankrupt, leaving Jay with $100,000 in bad debt. Messina’s Carpet was closed.

Jay tried working for a tile installer and a commercial tile contractor, but it wasn’t a good fit as Jay was used to working for himself. With very little funding, Jay bought a van, rented a storage space, and convinced a distributor of carpeting to give him 5 sets of samples and displays for free. Jay placed the 2’x5’ displays in five stores that were only associated with just selling tile. His promise: He would make that the most profitable 10’ in their showroom. If they showed the carpet samples, he would do the rest and pay them 10% of the sales.

Jay opened Carpet Concepts in 1994. Outgrowing the storage unit, and now renting warehouse space with a small showroom in Cape Coral, Jay took on a partner. Together they built a profitable business. Increasing their space in 2000 allowed them to display all types of floor coverings. Business kept growing, and it was great! The Carpet Concept team was working with over 30 builders.

In 2008/09, the housing market crashed, and the spigot was turned off. Some of the builders went bankrupt, and others were stuck with spec homes. This directly affected Carpet Concepts. In turn, Carpet Concepts had to downsize, and the partner went out on his own. Since the business had been 80% new construction, the sales dropped by 80%.

A new shift in direction in 2011, more concentration on the do-it-yourselfer and bringing in more mid-priced carpet and tiles. Plus a little infusion of personal cash allowed Carpet Concepts to stay a float. By mid-2011 Carpet Concepts was back on solid ground.50 Years in the Flooring Business

In these last few years, things are starting to come back. The housing market is picking up steam. Carpet Concepts has hired more employees, refreshed their displays and increased their in-stock selections!

The Carpet Concepts team is ready for your business! With their experience, a large variety of flooring, and knowledge of the products you’ll receive the best service and solutions available! Check out their “50 Years in the Business” discount and their “Sizzling Summer Sale”!

Contact the team at Carpet Concepts online or call (239) 574-5099 today!

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