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Do you own a commercial building? Are you looking for a durable, reasonable priced flooring? It’s time to consider VCT tile flooring.

VCT Tile Flooring
This is the sixth installment of
9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tile Flooring
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VCT stands for “vinyl composition tile”. It is a finished flooring material used primarily in commercial and institutional applications.

Vinyl tiles are composed of colored vinyl chips, then formed into solid sheets of varying thicknesses by heat and pressure, then cut into 12” squares. VCT tile flooring is one of the most commonly used commercial flooring worldwide.

Unlike the natural clay or stone tile, vinyl tiles are made from a type of plastic. The unique ingredient used to produce vinyl (also known as PVC, poly-vinyl-chloride), as opposed to other plastics, is salt. Salt is cheap, naturally occurring, and readily available. This makes VCT a more affordable option.

Vinyl itself was actually created by accident in the 1920’s. A man by the  name of Waldo Semon was hoping to make a synthetic adhesive. However, instead he discovered the substance we now know as vinyl. Semon quickly realized that he was onto something big.

The first vinyl flooring tile was not a solid vinyl product, but it was a vinyl composition tile called Vinylite. This product was made by Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation. Vinylite contained asbestos as a filler. Vinyl made for a safer alternative to asbestos tile, which was commonly used throughout the first three-quarters of the twentieth century.

Today, VCT tile flooring is durable, inexpensive and easy to install. However, it can be vulnerable to yellowing, staining, and surface erosion. This is especially an issue in facilities where various alkaline or acidic liquids are spilled, or where asphalt or dirt residue is heavily tracked in.9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tile Flooring

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