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Today, the vinyl tile category continues to be the fastest growing market segment. One of the more popular trends in this category is “LVT” or “Luxury Vinyl Tile.”

Luxury Vinyl Tile
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Finding the perfect tile flooring wasn’t always easy, but with today’s choices there isn’t any reason not to find exactly what you want. Can’t decide on what is the best type of tile flooring for you? Read on, this may be exactly what you are looking for!

Modern luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a broad category, which includes products that have the look of wood or stone, with colors and textures believable enough to fool the eye. LVT offers 3D printing technology. This adds depth and realism to traditional vinyl tile. LVT also has more durability than standard vinyl. This is because it has a high performance “wearlayer” (a clear vinyl coating and a urethane coating) to protect it.

For those who want a flooring option that is less permanent than wood or ceramic tile, LVT may be a good option. When you select a wood or ceramic floor, it will likely be in your home for a very long time, due to the installation process. However, LVT is easier to install, therefore offers the option of changing a room design with much more ease.

How does LVT compare to wood or tile flooring?

In terms of price, this tile can range from inexpensive to moderately expensive. So, it is not always a huge savings to opt for LVT over tile. If you have the top products installed by a pro, you can pay about as much for luxury vinyl as for you would for some standard hardwood or ceramic tile flooring. Say, $8 to $10 a square foot installed. However, the price is not why this product has gained popularity.

So, if not for price, why choose luxury vinyl?

One reason people opt for this flooring is appearance. The tile-look products can be grouted, to make it look more like ceramic or stone. The wood-look planks feature rich colors and textures. The technology used in LVT to create these looks is helping to drive the popularity.

Also, LVT is softer under foot than tile, and stands up to spills and large pets better than hardwood. It isn’t damaged by moisture like wood flooring, so won’t swell or buckle, even if it is soaked in water.

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Does “Luxury Vinyl Tile” sound like your dream floor? Jay has been in the flooring business for 50 years, and has 9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tile Flooringthe experience to guide you through the entire process of finding you your ideal flooring! At Carpet Concepts, we purchase our floor coverings from the top vendors, and send out trained professionals to complete your tile flooring installation.

Stop by our Cape Coral Showroom, and see us! Talk to one of our carpeting experts. They will happy to answer all your questions and show you samples of LVT! You can also contact us online or call (239) 574-5099.


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