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All About Carpet - Common Carpet Terms for the New Buyer

This is the fourth installment of 12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

If you are in a carpet showroom, you may start to get overwhelmed by the choices and terminology. Then you know it’s time to learn all about carpet. Here are a few quick hints on some of the common carpet terms you may see and hear:

  • Face/Nap/Pile – these are interchangeable terms, which mean the same thing. Basically, they refer to how the visible surface of the carpet looks and how the yarn is looped or cut
  • Pile Yarn Weight – this is a measurement of how much yarn is in a given section of carpet (usually ounces per square yard)
  • Pile Height – the distance from the bottom to the top of the yarn, which doesn’t include the backing
  • Density – this describes how close the individual tufts of yarn are to each other. The closer they are (more dense), the better they will perform.
  • Backing – when you turn the carpet upside-down, you see the backing, usually a polypropylene material that helps hold all the yarn in place
  • Cushion/Padding/Underlay – this is the material that goes underneath your carpet to provide a softer walking surface; in some cases, it may be attached to the carpet itself
  • Cut Pile – one of the most popular carpet styles for residential homes, it’s soft to the touch and you can see the cut ends of the yarn standing up individually
  • Berber – a carpet style that you usually see in offices or other high traffic areas, it’s more flat than fuzzy in feeling
  • Frieze – a carpet style with tightly twisted fibers that don’t show many vacuum marks, it’s sometimes referred to as a short shag12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet

Now that you are familiar with the common carpet terms, are you ready to learn all about carpet? Come in and visit the Carpet Concepts showroom. Our experienced sales team will teach you about the different types of carpet and show you our outstanding selection of carpet. They will also explain how to buy carpet for your Southwest Florida home.

Not ready to buy yet? No problem. Download a free copy of our eBook (right) today, and learn more about the 12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet. Then, when it’s time to buy your carpeting give us a call (239) 574-5099 or contact us online. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

– Jay



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