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Do you know the difference between carpets made in America and carpets made in China?

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I recently received an email from a carpet manufacturer in China offering me free samples of their products, and…

I am sure every flooring retailer in the country also received that same email. I am also sure that their carpet will be cheaper than that made in the United States and that it will be an inferior product. Many retailers will want to buy it, but not me.

I believe it’s time to make a stand against cheap imports that come in to our country and flood the markets with their products. The flooring industry in the United States has already been hurt with the influx of ceramic tile, wood and laminate flooring made in China. All of us – retailers, distributors, and large manufacturers – are guilty of eagerly buying up these products. We then offer them to our customers at prices that products made in America can’t compete with.

Some American companies have lowered their quality to compete in the market. Retailers, such as myself, must either buy these products or lose business to those who have bought them. The uneducated consumer, concerned mainly with price, will ultimately be the loser.

When we, the retailers, explain the benefits of buying a quality product people are impressed. But they still want to pay that lower price they saw at the big box store. They don’t realize that the profits made on the imported goods boost the Chinese economy, not ours. Even when a foreign company manufactures goods in the United States like Toyota, the profits end up in Japan, Korea, Germany, or Italy.

I am guilty. I sell Chinese ceramic tile and other foreign made flooring products. I have to, to be able to compete. I own a Japanese car and foreign made electronics. But I am drawing the line when it comes to selling carpets made in China. (And by the way, the next car I buy will be from an American owned company, that is if there is still one to be found.)

When you are shopping for American made quality carpets, stop by Carpet Concepts and see me. Let me show you what quality carpets look and feel like. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Download my FREE eBook: 12 Things to Know About Buying Carpet, if you are interested in learning twelve tips on how to buy carpet.

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