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You are probably wondering how a 10lb carpet pad could really be better than an 8lb pad.

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Lately, quite a few people have come into my store asking me about the 10lb carpet pad. Many of them have visited the big box stores. Upgrading customers to the 10lb pad at the big box stores means a big profit for the store. Personally, because of the price they were charging, I didn’t think it was worth it.

It’s my goal to listen to my customers and give them what they want. A good carpet pad is always used with all my carpet installations. An upgrade to an 8lb pad is offered to those who want something a little plusher. I told people they really didn’t need to spend more money on a better carpet pad. However, to give my customers what they wanted, I decided to offer them the 10lb pad. Although I couldn’t bring myself to charge as much as those big box stores.

After the first few jobs using the 10lb carpet pad, my opinion of its value changed. This carpet pad feels great under foot, and my customers love it. This pad is now an option for all the carpet that is sold. It’s included in my install price on my better quality carpets. The homeowners who do decide to upgrade are always glad they did, and I make a little more money on it. Everybody’s happy!

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