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Are you satisfied with the way your carpeting looks?

Have you cleaned it lately?

Do you have stains that don’t come out?

Every day more and more dirt and stains settle into your carpeting. The same carpeting your children or grandchildren play on, your family sits on, your animals curl up on, and you enjoy under your feet. Cleaning it doesn’t always leave you with the results you want.

Have you considered replacing your carpeting? Are you wondering if there is a carpeting available that performs better? A carpet that has stain protection, durability, luxurious softness, yet is easy to maintain?
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Did you know that Jay, the owner of Carpet Concepts, started in the flooring business when he was 12 years old?

Flooring Business

Jay started by helping his father install carpeting on weekends and school vacations. By the time he was 16 he had his own car, a station wagon. It was great for transporting carpet. With the carpet strapped on the roof rack of his station wagon, Jay began installing carpeting on his own.

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Are you working with a nylon or polyester carpet fiber? How well it is holding up against dirt, wear, and texture retention? Has it faded? Is it environmentally smart?

Carpet Fiber

When your carpet shows signs of wear and tear, it’s hard to know exactly what is covered under your carpet warranty. Is your carpet wear and tear excessive or normal? Is it covered or considered an exclusion? When it’s time to replace your current carpet, how do you know what carpet fiber to choose?

Carpet Warranties

At Carpet Concepts, we have always been skeptical of warranties. Every manufacturer claims…
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Do you know the difference between carpets made in America and carpets made in China?

Quality Carpets

I recently received an email from a carpet manufacturer in China offering me free samples of their products, and…

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