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Is your entryway inviting and does it make a good first impression?

Does your fireplace make a statement, is it the focal point of your room?

Entryway Remodel

This is the fifth installment of
5 Easy Remodels for the Interior of  Your Home
that can be downloaded as a free eBook at

When you walk into your home, is the “wow” factor still intact? Or as the years have slipped by has your “wow” factor disappeared?

It may be time for a remodel.

A Welcoming Entryway

Updating your entryway doesn’t have to be a major project. Get rid of your rug and add a few decorative tiles or an inlay. It is easy and defines the area.

Pick out a beautiful tile pattern. You can create your own design.

Whether you like mosaics with different colors and designs or traditional slate tiles, it is your opportunity to make your entryway unique and welcoming!

Leaving a First Impression

Leave a good first impression by
hFocal Point Remodel aving a focal point in your room that offers a “wow” factor.

Imagine enhancing your cozy fireplace with amazing tile, stone or glass surrounds. Installing 12”x12” marble can create a hearth.

Another option is to run marble around the opening of your fireplace, and then finish it off with a wood trim.

Consider split-faced stone that runs from floor to ceiling. It quickly turns your fireplace into the focal point of the room!

Although, remember to be careful if you have your mind set on granite or stone for a more modern look. Their weight can make them more challenging to install.

Getting Started

There is nothing better than working with a company that has years of experience with tile and flooring sales and installation. A company that has dedicated professionals that listen to your ideas, work with you to determine your needs, and then step by step with you to complete your project.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with all companies. Always check the company’s references, and make sure that they are licensed and insured.

Working With Carpet Concepts

5 Easy Remodels for the Interior of Your HomeOur friendly professionals know the importance of fully understanding your needs. When we work with you, our goal is to educate you.

We do this by offering you FREE eBooks, a FAQ page on our website, and one-to-one meetings to answer all your questions and concerns.

Take a moment and download our free eBook: 5 Easy Remodels for the Interior of Your Home.

Visiting our Showroom or Gallery

We work with all the top vendors like Shaw, Mohawk, Daltile, and Tesoro to name a few.

When you  are ready to update your entryway or get that “wow” factor back with a focal point, stop by our showroom to see us.

If you can’t stop by, take a moment and review our Gallery.

Have questions? We have the answers.

Call us directly –  (239) 574-5099!

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