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Posted by Jay On June 4th

Free Carpet

I was watching TV last night, and saw an advertisement for a national flooring company that is having quite a sale…

You buy one room of flooring and get two additional rooms free.

What a deal! Sounds to good to be true right?

I know we can’t do anything like that at Carpet Concepts. Why not?

Because we don’t mark up our products three times the normal price!

All flooring dealers buy from the same major manufacturers and pay about the same for their products.

We all have to make a profit, especially if a company is paying for national television commercial space. It amazes me that people fall for this type of advertising, but obviously they do.

So Carpet Concepts has decided to give away any and all carpeting in our store at “no charge”!

All you have to do is pay for installation pad and delivery.

So a carpet that usually costs about $20/yd2 installed, is now free, but the pad, labor, and delivery is $20/yd2. That works for me!

No one gives anything away for free. It’s all bottom line. Check out the total cost of the job you’re looking to do before you purchase anything you’re told is free. If an offer seems to good to be true, you can be sure that it is.

~ Jay

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