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Does your kitchen reflect your personality?

Is your kitchen functional, yet appealing?

Does your kitchen have a true focal point?


Perhaps you have thought about updating your kitchen? When you see the home improvement shows on TV or visit a friend’s home where they have remodeled their kitchen, does it speak to you?

Not sure where to start with your kitchen update – new cupboards, appliances, counters or tile backsplash? Maybe you are really looking to make a quick and easy change, something that could become the focal point of your kitchen while increasing the value of your home!

A glass mosaic tile backsplash is all the rage today with decorators, especially because glass tile is so versatile. It offers a variety of color and shapes, making your options limitless.

Glass Mosaic Tile

Deciding on that first step to take when updating your kitchen can be easy when a kitchen backsplash is your answer. Today’s kitchen backsplashes not only protect your kitchen walls from splatters but they are easy to maintain.

Tile is one the most popular backsplash materials, especially glass mosaic tile. With no end of choices, it’s easy to design your kitchen backsplash so that it reflects your taste and easily becomes the focal point of your kitchen.

Glass mosaic tiles can be mixed with stone and ceramic for an entirely different look. They reflect light to make your kitchen look larger, resist stains and mildew, are easy to clean, and can be considered “green” when made out of recycled material.

Glass Mosaic TileHowever they are not the easiest tile to install, so it’s best to have an experienced professional take care of the installation. The glass can get scratched or cracked during installation, and it can be hard to repair.

When it’s time to choose your glass mosaic tile, visit our showroom and work with our professionals. They will be happy to review with you the many options and price points of this tile.

At Carpet Concept, our team is available to help you every step of the way, even with the installation.

Our showroom offers you the opportunity to see all varieties and colors of glass mosaic tile. We’ll assist you in personalizing your kitchen with a distinctive look that becomes your perfect focal point!

Don’t put off personalizing your kitchen when it is so easy to work with the Carpet Concept team and have an eye-catching glass mosaic tile backsplash installed.

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