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Kitchen Backsplash and Cabinets – Easy Remodel

Posted by Jay On January 19th

Looking for an inexpensive way to add life to your outdated kitchen?

Do you want an easy way to modernize it?

One easy and inexpensive way to add new life to an outdated kitchen is to add a kitchen counter backsplash. You’ll find a large selection of stylish and colorful options to choose from.

CC-Kitchen-BacksplashThis is the first installment of 5 Easy Remodels for the Interior of  Your Home
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Sometimes it is hard to narrow it down to the “perfect” kitchen backsplash. It can be overwhelming with all the options there are.

Work With a Tile Expert

However, when you work with one of our experienced professionals, they will walk you through the process and assist you in determining what will work out best in your home.

For the traditional look, small travertine tumble stone is available in a number of colors and shapes. Natural stone is porous but once sealed it is easy to care for. This look has been around for centuries and will always be in style.

Glass mosaics are currently all the rage with decorators these days. Every remodeling “fixer upper” and do-it-yourself show predominantly features glass backsplashes. Available in an infinite variety of color and shapes, the glass mosaic design options are limitless.

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Installation of most kitchen backsplashes can be completed in just one day. It is important to remember, that no matter how beautiful the materials you choose it takes a quality installation and the proper setting material to get you the end-result that lives up to your expectations.

When you pair up a new kitchen backsplash with new or repainted cabinets, you’ll have an easy remodel of your kitchen that gives it a fresh, new look.

The Carpet Concept Team is Ready to Help  

If you decide to add the backsplash yourself, we can provide you with the materials you need and instruct you on the proper installation methods.

Of course, we can also have one of our licensed and insured installers do the job for you. When you work with the Carpet Concept team, you have the “peace of mind” you deserve, and a remodel that not only looks great but reflects your style.

Either way, we’ll be happy to help you!

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