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Are you tired of the old flooring in your living room and dining room?

Need an easy way to refresh these rooms?

Living-and-Dining-Room-RemodelsThis is the third installment of 5 Easy Remodels for the Interior of  Your Home.
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Today, there is a large selection of flooring options to choose from, especially for your living and dining rooms.

Each type of flooring has its own set of “pros” and “cons”. Taking the time to research the flooring that meets your needs, is always the first step.

When you work with a flooring expert, they will be happy to share with you the many flooring options there are for each room in your home, whether it is carpet, ceramic, vinyl, wood or laminate flooring.


The versatility of tile allows you to make any room look larger and more appealing.

Ceramic tile is still the number one choice for main floor areas, especially in Florida. It’s durable, low maintenance, cool in the summer, great for high traffic areas while adding value to your home.


Carpet will give your living and dining room a warmer feeling, and is easy on your feet. While less expensive than tile or wood, it generally will not wear as well, and can be harder to keep clean.

Wood and Laminate

Wood and laminate flooring are growing in popularity, particularly in Florida. Recent updates in adhesive and moisture protection have made wood and laminate a great alternative.

Wood flooring can add beauty to a room, and it is easy to clean. One of the most appealing locations for a wood floor is the living room.

Laminate flooring doesn’t scratch easily. If it does get a scratch, you can remove it by rubbing a little vegetable oil on it. Laminates today look like real tile or wood. They are easy to keep clean, and they are the perfect flooring if you have pets.

Do Your Research

Review our FREE eBooks through our online library, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers on our Learn More page!  Peruse our Photo Gallery.

Don’t Just Settle For Any Flooring

We also suggest that you take samples home to compare and get a free in-home estimate.

Visit Our Showroom

Take the time and make sure you visit our showroom to see and feel all the flooring options. We purchase our floor coverings from the world’s top manufacturers.

At Carpet Concepts, our experienced professional flooring specialists will walk you through the “pros” and “cons” of each type of flooring. This gives you the opportunity to work with them to determine the best solution for your living and dining room flooring.

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