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Are you working with a nylon or polyester carpet fiber? How well it is holding up against dirt, wear, and texture retention? Has it faded? Is it environmentally smart?

Carpet Fiber

When your carpet shows signs of wear and tear, it’s hard to know exactly what is covered under your carpet warranty. Is your carpet wear and tear excessive or normal? Is it covered or considered an exclusion? When it’s time to replace your current carpet, how do you know what carpet fiber to choose?

Carpet Warranties

At Carpet Concepts, we have always been skeptical of warranties. Every manufacturer claims…

…to have the best warranties, but the lists of exclusions often goes on for pages. We have been selling SmartStrand® for the last few years, and we have not had a single complaint from our customers. Nothing since the invention of nylon in 1935 has made such a dramatic impact on the carpet industry as the introduction of SmartStrand®.

SmartStrand® is a carpet fiber that was developed by and exclusive to Mohawk carpet. What  makes a good quality carpet is not its warranty but its performance, and so far our customers seem very happy with the performance of SmartStrand® carpet. It’s not a nylon fiber or a polyester fiber. It is a unique fiber. Because of it’s molecular makeup, the fiber performs better then any other fiber. Independent tests have shown SmartStrand® to be as durable if not better then nylon and more stain resistant. SmartStrand® has built in stain protection that will never wear or wash off.

SmartStrand® comes with the following warranties:

  • Lifetime Stain Warranty
  • 20 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty
  • 15 Year Soil Warranty
  • 12 Year Abrasive Wear Warranty
  • 12 Year Texture Retention Warranty
  • 12 Year Fade Resistance Warranty

SmartStrand® Environmentally Smart Carpet Fiber

For those of us who are concerned with a safe environment, SmartStrand® leads the way with an environmentally safe fiber. The fiber is made with corn sugar, unlike other fibers that are petroleum based. SmartStrand® is an environmentally smart carpet.

Local SmartStrand® Retailer – Carpet Concepts

To show our confidence in SmartStrand® we have purchased a large display of better quality SmartStrand® carpet. When you purchase SmartStrand®, if you do encounter any problems, the manufacturer will refer you to the retailer you purchased the carpeting from to facilitate your claim and resolve it. That’s why it is important to purchase your carpet from a well-established local retailer.

At Carpet Concepts, we make sure that any legitimate claim is taken care of. You are our customer and we take pride in making sure you are happy. Stop by our Cape Coral showroom and check our large display of SmartStrand® carpet. Have questions?  Contact us online or call 239-574-5099 today. We’ll be happy to answer them.

We service Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties in Florida. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, or LIKE us on Facebook.


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