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Are you satisfied with the way your carpeting looks?

Have you cleaned it lately?

Do you have stains that don’t come out?

Every day more and more dirt and stains settle into your carpeting. The same carpeting your children or grandchildren play on, your family sits on, your animals curl up on, and you enjoy under your feet. Cleaning it doesn’t always leave you with the results you want.

Have you considered replacing your carpeting? Are you wondering if there is a carpeting available that performs better? A carpet that has stain protection, durability, luxurious softness, yet is easy to maintain?

Good news! There is!

SmartStrand ® Forever Clean™ Carpet from Mohawk

It has permanent stain protection that prevents spills from locking into the fiber core and becoming a stain.

SmartStrand® has the highest level of beauty, comfort, and performance, and is embraced by consumers who are looking for alternatives to traditional carpeting.

Built-in stain protection with Nanoloc, an advanced nanotechnology, creates a superior spill and soil barrier to encapsulate the SmartStrand® fiber. This allows both inside and outside of the fiber to be protected which makes it the easiest carpeting to keep clean.

It’s the perfect carpet for active families, especially that have kids and pets. SmartStrand® has exceptional durability that preserves its style, beauty, comfort, and performance.

Carpet Concepts Offers Samples of This Amazing Carpet!

Stop by our showroom in Cape Coral and see for yourself the beauty and feel the softness of Mohawk’s SmartStrand ® Forever Clean™carpet.

At Carpet Concepts, we believe in education, and that a well-informed consumer makes the best decision for the flooring that will meet all their needs. With our 50+ years of experience, you’ll feel the difference of how we work with you and guide you through the new flooring process.

Our team is delighted to have the opportunity to answer all your questions and work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with your decision.

Our Licensed and Insured Installers Provide You With the Best Service

Remember, when you are installing new carpeting the most important day in the life of your new carpeting is the day it’s installed.
Flooring Companies
DON’T let just anyone install your new flooring.

DO work with the Carpet Concepts team. They not only are licensed and insured, but are backed with years of experience in floor installations.

Carpet Concepts is also a Certified Pro with Quality Service Pros!

Ready to upgrade your carpeting to the easiest carpet to clean – SmartStrand ® Forever Clean™. The only carpet that has a lifetime resistance to stain and soil protection built-in, that doesn’t wear off!

Contact us online, or call us at (239)574-5099. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our latest updates.


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