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Are you working with a flooring company that makes it a priority to make sure you are completely informed about the flooring process?

Flooring Process

This is the eighth installment of
9 Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Purchasing New Flooring.
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Has your flooring rep taken the time to explain to you each and every step of the process, from your flooring selection all the way through to the flooring installation?  

Once you have made a decision on your flooring material, your sales representative should review the entire flooring process with you. You should feel comfortable with each step.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed with choices of colors, grains and finishes, please skip this Ebook Tip! This is really one for the obsessive compulsive homeowner, who is still debating between two or three different options of hardwood flooring.

Plank Width

This is the sixth installment of 7 Tips on How to Select Hardwood Flooring
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The plank width of the hardwood flooring is one of the other considerations in choosing your ideal floor. Options range from very narrow (less than three inches across) to wide planks (which may be five to seven inches, on average).

The width of the boards in your wood flooring can affect the look and feel of the room. If you have a very distinctive design style, it can be a strong reinforcement of that aesthetic. How do you know what plank size will look best in your room?

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Selecting hardwood flooring can be overwhelming, but it is certainly worth it when it transforms the look of your home!

 Hardwood Flooring 500
Today, you have a huge variety of options when selecting the perfect hardwood floor. Engineered vs hardwood, durability, color, grains, reclaimed wood, and plank width – so many choices. Sometimes all these options can inundate you with too many decisions. Be careful…
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