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If you are feeling overwhelmed with choices of colors, grains and finishes, please skip this Ebook Tip! This is really one for the obsessive compulsive homeowner, who is still debating between two or three different options of hardwood flooring.

Plank Width

This is the sixth installment of 7 Tips on How to Select Hardwood Flooring
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The plank width of the hardwood flooring is one of the other considerations in choosing your ideal floor. Options range from very narrow (less than three inches across) to wide planks (which may be five to seven inches, on average).

The width of the boards in your wood flooring can affect the look and feel of the room. If you have a very distinctive design style, it can be a strong reinforcement of that aesthetic. How do you know what plank size will look best in your room?

Narrow boards that are less than three inches wide can be found in older homes and more traditional settings. Historically, these were the only width of plank that was available. However, very wide planks can also be found in even older homes. Before factory produced wood was available, super-wide planks reduced the amount of labor involved in hand-cutting and installing each one.

The three inch plank width is the most common. Many smart homeowners choose this basic style because it works in all types of houses, in many different rooms and hallways. If you don’t have a strong feeling about plank width, then sticking with the average size is a good idea.

Homeowners with large rooms or open-plan family areas may be interested in wide plank boards. The additional size of each plank can help define the space. In exceptionally large rooms, a narrow plank might have an undesirable “bowling alley” effect. In a small room, a wide plank might not allow you to see as much variation in wood grain and knots as you would like.

You may find that wide plank boards are more expensive than narrow ones; however, this may be due to the fact that wide boards are more often customized with hand scraping or other features. The final price will be more indicative of overall quality than the size of the boards.

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